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Certain to be picture-perfect and long remembered by all, your Flowers By Hansen wedding will be uniquely designed to reflect the season, the setting and your own personal style.

Whether your dream is rustic or elegant, intimate or grand, you’ll enjoy the artistry, special care and highly personal touches that set Flowers By Hansen apart.

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Beautiful flowers, beautiful environment and beautiful people.  In my new role as mother-of-the-bride, I recently had the opportunity to be part of a bridal consultation at Flowers by Hansen. 
It felt like we were sitting in a charming and intimate garden as floral designer, Betty, walked my daughter and her fiancé through photos, flowers, and ribbons to design the perfect bouquets and accompanying pieces for the wedding. 
Betty brimmed with enthusiasm as she matched descriptions by the couple to vibrant and lush flowers.  That consultation was a combination of great fun and great results!
The experience was topped off by Betty’s presenting my daughter with an exquisite rose – just like those that will be in her bouquet, and that brought a priceless smile to my daughter’s face! The three of us departed absolutely thrilled. 
Thank you, Betty, and thank you, Flowers by Hansen  ~ Diana


Flowers By Hansen Wedding Flowers


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Flowers By Hansen Wedding Flowers

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Flowers by Hansen - Senior Portraits

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